Business Description

NUMISA IS a network marketing company for music creatives, providing them with music production, publishing, distribution and marketing.

Our Vision

To be South Africa’s No.1 music industry network marketing company, known for making changes and introducing new ways that will make artists or music creators make a living from their music.

Our Mission

To make share holders our number one priority in all that we do. To offer more services that will benefit our members. To provide a unique and inspiring experience that caters for our members needs. To cultivate a passionate team of people who develop and exercise their knowledge and skill in a motivating and empowering manner. To develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our members.

NUMISA - What we do

New United Music Industry of South Africa “NUMISA” is a network marketing company created for all those who don't have the power to buy their way into the music charts or have their music playlisted in most of the big radio stations. Not forgetting to mention digital platforms like blogs and music playlists from spotify, and youtube. Our aim is to produce, publish, distribute, and promote music for the sake of penetrating the markets and getting more “physical or digital sales, bookings, and deals”.

NUMISA - What do we need ?

 For us to start providing our service to our clients, we will need to sign at least 65 songs, not just songs but quality music of any genre.

First need” we need a single song with no publishing or distribution deal. It must be good enough to catch a music super fan’s attention, and it must be well mixed and mastered. If you don't have a song we provide free studio time from one of the partner recording companies.

 “Second need” we will need a client to sign a single agreement and be able to mail it back to us within 7 days before we reach the deadline. The agreement must be accompanied by a commitment fee of R600, 00.

NUMISA - Audience segments

Who do we help ?

As NUMISA we don't choose but we work with anyone promising to add more value to our company, we want to catter for all the masses of the world beyond the reach of our eyes and ears. Every musician and every genre is important, we will be selling music to people with different likes, tastes and emotional feel. All we wanna do is to let people decide what they would like to feed their ears, spirit and soul while giving our clients a chance to make sales and grow their businesses as brands and music business professionals. 

NUMISA - How do we all benefit ?

A percentage of the money received from all the ticket sales, merchandise, and royalties received will be shared equally among all the clients who contributed. And the money received from bookings; a performer will receive 40% percent, 20% goes to administration, 40% goes to all the other investors. NUMISA shall pay to Artist (50% (fifty) percent split share) of all net royalties and sales after full recoupment of costs related to physical product and other charges. Royalty statements shall be provided from Company to Artist on the 1st day of the royaltie’s distribution month, Artists shall have the right to audit Company’s royalty records, at Artist’s expense.

What will NUMISA benefit out of this ?, a question that comes in mind of every artist or creative. Of course we wont be doing this without getting compensated for our hard work, but this doesn’t mean we want to promote the corruption and the exploitation of artists that have been going on for years within the industry. NUMISA will only benefit by taking a percentage not more or greater than 20% from all the royalties and sales collected.