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How do I receive payment from YouTube?
To start earning money directly through YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year, or 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views within the past 90 days. Once you reach either of those, you can apply to YouTube's Partner Program and monetize your channel.

How Much Does Youtube Pay in South Africa?
There are only a handful of websites that can make you a living. One of these aforementioned sites is YouTube. And the way you earn money is by only making videos and sharing them with the world. Although it is general knowledge that you can make a lot of money this way, not all are aware of the hows and the ins and outs of the platform. I can assume that you are here to find out how much does YouTube pay in South Africa. Keep reading our basic guide from experienced social media gurus in our editorial staff.

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Why should you start a YouTube channel?
Youtube has been around since 2005, and over the years, it has continuously worked on its mission to provide entertainment. Youtube has been around since 2005, and over the years, it has continuously worked on its mission to provide entertainment. You can listen to music from Taylor Swift to Mozart, learn how to solve complicated quadratic equations, make slime, and watch movies.
At present, you can listen to music from Tronix Madibe's Amapiano Deep Gong Azishe to Mozart, learn how to solve complicated quadratic equations and make slime, and even watch the latest news flash up to a video of a sneezing baby panda. (Make sure to look it up. It is worth it.). The bottom line is, Youtube has been a big part of our everyday lives. But, what if there is a way for you to make money online with this popular website?

There are two sides to the world of entertainment:
1. the entertainer and the audience.
2. The entertainer focuses on what the audience would enjoy, while the audience looks for something to do or watch, mainly to get entertained. This scenario applies to Youtube, where the videos serve as the entertainer and the people as the audience. And with over 122 million daily active users, it seems to be just right to have a great number of entertaining videos.

How much does Youtube Pay in South Africa?
It is thought that Google pays approximately 68% of their Ad revenue to publishers / content producers. This means that for every R1 500 an advertiser pays to Google, the publisher will see R1 020.

In terms of ad views on YouTube, it’s thought that Google will pay approximately R270 per 1,000 ad views which comes to around R45 – 75 per 1,000 video views. The amount you receive does completely depend on the audience that is watching your videos. For example if the niche is in finance, property, healthcare and aimed at professionals, you will earn significantly more than comedy videos aimed at younger audience.

Famous South African YouTubers that dominates the YouTube space.
Videos are the heart and soul of Youtube, and that’s why many people, and even celebrities, are starting their own Youtube Channels, posting videos on all sorts of topics, and getting huge paychecks. They earn via all sorts of ways, like advertisements, watch hours, and others, but we’ll get to that later. Just to give you an idea of how huge the market is on Youtube, here are only the three of the most popular YouTubers in South Africa:

Trevor Noah - South African YouTuber with nearly 10 MILLION subscribers and 4.2 BILLION total views
Trevor Noah – South African YouTuber with nearly 10 MILLION subscribers and 4.2 BILLION total views
1. Trevor Noah

Estimated Yearly Earnings: $1.7 MILLION
Treor Noah is a South African comedian, host, writer, and actor who goes by the names “Trevor Noah” and “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah“. He currently has 125 videos, 3.04 million subscribers, and over 208 million views over the last 15 years on his channel “Trevor Noah”. And on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”, he currently has over 3,500 videos, 9.36 million subscribers, and a whopping 4.17 billion views just over the last 5years. On his channels, he posts stand-up comedy shows about all sorts of relatable experiences and ideas he’s had.
Caspar Lee (right) with KSI (left) - His YouTube channel already garnered nearly 7 MILLION subscribers and around 800 MILLION total views
Caspar Lee (right) with KSI (left) – His YouTube channel already garnered nearly 7 MILLION subscribers and around 800 MILLION total views

2. Caspar Lee
Estimated Yearly Earnings: $300,000
Caspar Lee is a 27-year old of British-South African descent and a video content creator on Youtube. His Youtube Channel “Casper” has over 300 videos, 6.83 million subscribers, and garnered over 780 million views from 2011 to 2019. Although Caspar suddenly stopped posting videos in 2019, he is still making money as long as there are people still watching his old but gold videos.

Die Antwoord - A South African Hip Hop Group with more than 3 MILLION subscribers and over 1 BILLION total views

3. Die Antwoord
Die Antwoord is a South African group that uses the Youtube platform to share and promote their music in the genre of electronic dance music, also known as EDM. It currently has a record, and so, with this, it is safe to say that anyone can make a living out of making videos and posting them on YouTube. But how does it convert video views, subscribers, and videos into cold, hard cash?

How to Make Money on YouTube.

Before getting your channel monetized, you must first consider the essentials of your YouTube channel: the name and the content. These are going to be your identity on the Youtube platform. So you better decide on this with full confidence in yourself and of course, determination. But let’s say you have your name and your videos keep on coming. What do you earn from these? You must first get your channel monetized.

To achieve this, you must garner at least:

a) 1,000 email subscribers
Subscribers are vital on Youtube because these people will most likely be your main audience. They have subscribed to your channel because they enjoyed your videos and they are looking for more. So make sure to be thankful to every one of them. Throw some giveaways and conduct raffles to show gratitude towards them once in a while.

b) 4,000 Public Watch Hours in the previous 12 months
Watch hours are the number of hours your videos have been clicked, played, and watched by other people. Remember to stay on track in the next 12 months to make sure you adhere to the policy of Youtube in this requirement.

c) Google Adwords Account
This is for your own benefit in which you can monitor your statistics and control advertisements in your videos, whether you want them to be placed in the beginning, middle, end, or all of the above in your videos.

Yes, the numbers may seem a lot, but there is nothing you can’t do with a little bit of help from friends and relatives. Make sure to always create good content that your viewers will definitely enjoy, and soon enough, the numbers will go high up by themselves.

This way is if you have already established your channel and are getting recognition from the public. It might be difficult at first, but with a little bit of hard work, it will eventually come.

Have you ever encountered a video wherein the YouTuber reviews a product and provides links to the shop where you can purchase the same product? Well, this is how some YouTubers earn their money by promoting products. They get a particular percentage of the output or outcome of this promotion. Some are paid from the onset, especially if it is a channel with a huge audience.

More Ways to Make Money on YouTube.
YouTube Partner Program
Participate in the YouTube Partner Program
This is the most popular way that people make money on YouTube.
The idea is actually quite simple.
You give YouTube permission to run advertisements before, during, or after your videos. You get to decide what type of ad placements you want, click a few buttons, and Google covers the rest.
Once set up, Google will display advertisements on your videos, and each time someone sees (or clicks) on those advertisements, you and YouTube will divide up the fee that Google charges the advertiser.

Where Do I Begin?
The first step is to create a YouTube channel.
It’s safe to assume that if you want to get any views on YouTube, you’ll need to start with a channel.
The second step is to create content.
The next step in starting a YouTube channel is to create engaging content for your viewers. Focusing on a specific niche and really diving into the content that they’ll enjoy. This is one of the things Trevor Noah is doing, focusing on a particular niche but diversifying it.
This is perhaps the most difficult part, because, when you first start out, it is very unlikely that anyone views your video. But of course, this won’t be forever. YouTube will eventually begin to recommend your videos to people and they will start subscribing to your channel if they enjoy your content.

Pro-tip: creating video tutorials, if it is possible in your niche is a great way to start out on YouTube.
The third step is to meet the Eligibility Requirements for the YouTube Partner Program
While YouTube used to let just about any channel join their program as soon as it launched, the system was abused, and the company had to make changes to ensure that the channels were legitimate. These requirements have been mentioned above if you have been reading through them. There is although, no specific timeframe to meet these requirements once you do, you will start to earn money on YouTube.

Above all Keep creating content while adhering to YouTube’s standards.
When your channel starts to grow and you start making money, you’re bound for the stars. Other than that, it’s critical that you follow the YouTube community guidelines for spam, violent/dangerous content, sensitive content, false information, and regulated goods. You can learn more about their policies by clicking here.

How to Make the Most of YouTube Ad Revenue
When possible, manually insert ads: This is what some YouTubers do when there is something suspenseful. In other words, you can start a sentence and then play the advertisement in the middle of it because the user wants to absolutely hear the rest of it. For example, you can go, “something you must absolutely know about affiliate marketing is…” (ad)……this is a way to make your viewers watch through the ads placement. This strategy has proven to keep users engaged long enough for them to finish the ad instead of exiting the video.

Also, maintain advertiser-friendliness in your channel: Don’t swear/curse or say anything that advertisers won’t want to be associated with within your videos. Keep in mind that you make money when advertisers advertise, so if you don’t want to lose them, keep your videos controversies-free.
Create as many videos as possible. YouTube mainly deals with numbers, and the most crucial factor in success is the number of views. People dislike hearing it, but it is completely accurate. If you really want your YouTube channel to be a success, you need to post a lot of videos, these videos get you views.

Advertising revenue is the most passive way to make money for the majority of the big YouTubers. However, when it comes to monetizing YouTube, this is just the beginning.

Create a blog that complements your YouTube channel
This is another thing to consider if you want to maximize the monetary output of your YouTube channel. Oftentimes, what most established YouTubers do is create a blog in which certain things described in their YouTube videos are explained. They then insert a link to the video in that blog, and this technique does work as some readers might just want to watch the video after reading. This leads to more views and more subscribers. This is a great way to grow your channel.
Not only that, but YouTube, as the world’s second-largest search engine, provides limitless opportunities to get your brand in front of your ideal audience and expand your audience in other ways.
But the most key thing to remember is that a blog will almost always convert than a YouTube channel because it is a platform that brings you closer to your audience; there is a connection on a more personal level, such as through email.

Create and sell courses.
You are probably expecting this to be mentioned, especially if you’re someone who is highly intelligent and would want to pass across your knowledge. But who says you can’t earn yourself some money while doing it, in the comfort of your home even? You can achieve this by creating and selling digital courses. You can create videos in a particular area of study (which has to be simplified and highly educative), as this will attract viewers who would prefer to watch educative videos. Do you know what they say about visual learning? It sticks! So, yes, this is a way to garner views on YouTube.

Tronix Madibe Final Thoughts.
Making money on YouTube is not free and easy money. It entails a lot of hard work and entertaining videos. Follow these steps, and you’re certainly on your way to making money from YouTube while enjoying what you do. Perhaps, you are the next big YouTube star. Hit me up when that day realizes.

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