DJ Zinhle loving the vibes at HSBC SVNS Cape Town


9 December 2023 – SA’s queen of the dancefloor, DJ Zinhle, was blown away by the vibe on the first day of the HSBC SVNS Cape Town on Saturday, comparing it to Miami Beach.


“It was so amazing. I didn’t think it was going to be this vibe. It’s like I’m at Miami Beach,” she said after her set at one of three stages around DHL Stadium – the Beach Club – on Saturday afternoon.


While the action on the pitch was heating up, the music off it was sizzling with the parties kicking off at the Beach Club, Sun Stage and the Love Garden.


“You would never even say we were at a sports event. I thought I was in Miami doing a sunset show. It was so nice, really nice,” added Africa’s top female DJ, who boasts a 5.3 million-strong following on Instagram.


“The [South African] game ended and the people came through and were ready to party. That’s amazing, that’s insane – I’ll do it over and over again.


“It’s so good, it’s sunshine, people are happy, people are having fun and it’s safe and secure – it’s amazing, I love it.”


The HSBC SVNS Cape Town party continues on Sunday, with artists performing across the three stages and a bunch of roaming performers keeping the vibe going in between.


Tickets to the action from as low as R150 are still available at Ticketmaster.


Meanwhile, Joburg visitor Sammy Gii (28) was elated to have been in the crowd for DJ Zinhle’s set.


“It’s awesome. This is my first time here at Sevens and I’m hearing it’s the best one yet so I’m very, very happy to be here, coming all the way from Joburg,” said Gii.


“My partner decided it was something I needed to experience because he came last year and I had the ultimate FOMO so I decided to tag along this year.


“DJ Zinhle was amazing – she read the room, she read the vibe. It was really, really amazing. I’m glad I caught her.”


Gii’s partner, Alex Madiso added: “It’s been a vibe, as always. The good thing about it is there are new stages so it’s very nice and I think they’ve made some good headway in terms of that so we’re enjoying it.


“I didn’t expect to see this but here we are. We’re not from Cape Town, having a vibe, loving it, bring it more. We’re going to be here,” he added.

“It’s absolutely amazing, everyone’s here, everyone’s dressing up and it’s so good – the music’s amazing… It’s Cape Town, you can’t expect anything less. It’s the best,” reckoned Yulia Galurhin (18)


“I think the DJs that are here this year are a hundred per cent better and top all other Sevens that I’ve been to in past years. I think it’s great,” added Kristin Petersen (18).


Fellow Capetonian Kenelynn van Wyk (25) added: “The vibe is good. If you go from one place to another place it gets more vibey and I feel like everyone is getting energised for the evening.”