Ya Costa, Ambitiouz Ent, Malome Vector, is this a publicity stunt or what ??!! #macburnersa

The on going beef between the independent record label Ambitiouz Ent and their former artist Malome Vector have been going for days, all this started when Malome Vector who is now independent announced a release of his single song called "YA COSTA". Below are some of the quoted social media posts from the record label and their former artist.



Ya Costa” was recorded in April 2022 using Ambitiouz Studios. You couldn’t record a better song in 12 months Ntate ? Stop making yourself a victim Romeo. Romeo wa re Kolota."

"Always making themselves victims, never take responsibilities for their actions. It’s never their fault. Big babies acting like adults. You signed, you benefited now you want sympathy… ware kolota Romeo, potala"

"Firstly pay us the money for accommodating you for months in midrand. Oh, and We own Both the Songs, promote any of them we will be fine . But bring back the money"

"LIES, You can’t bring Wave Rhyder to SA then decided to leave a label without even telling him then expect him to follow you. O re a je Eng ? Anyway has Malome Vector ever gave Ntate Stunna his credit for bringing him to Ambitiouz Ent ? Without Stunna Malome won’t be here but he never says it in public then come and act holy about Wave Rhyder Music"



"1st November 2019 was the day Ntate Stunna called Ambitiouz Entertainment to Maseru, Lesotho and introduced Malome Vector to Us.

1st November 2019 is the day Ntate Stunna played a beat in his Maseru Studio and Ambitiouz CEO wrote a chorus/hook to a song which ended being part of Vectors Debut album “Karabo”.. that song is track no3 & is called “ 1November”
Ntate Stunna never got credit for giving up his chances to be signed to Ambitiouz and pushed for Malome Vector instead. 1November 2019 is the day Ntate Stunna changed Malome Vectors life and Malome NEVER mentioned this in public now he wants to make noise about putting Wave Rhyder on.
Leshano la Costa … https://youtu.be/GEP9P88VCWo"
"Re a leboha Ntate Stunna for giving us Malome Vector. He might be ungrateful but we know the truth. You made him now he act like he made himself. 1November 2019 was the day, thank you for the beat in the background, the best of 1November. Bo ungrateful ba Costa .. https://youtu.be/GEP9P88VCWo"
"You just got played and didn’t see it, amateurs. You solved a court case and self implicated yourself, lost yourself any possible future royalties with your big mouth & helped launch a new artist.. and you are celebrating PR of one song when you’ve just cost yourself fortunes . SMH


"They saw how powerful we are without them 🥷🏻🥷🏻they are just trying to disturb the movement
"The official Ya Costa is dropping tomorrow 🔥🔥🔥
Nevermind the bitter Ex"
YA COSTA🔥🔥🔥🤺let’s take it to number one

I am a Lesotho boy on Moshoeshoe mountains
I'm not intimidated by chicken..

"More music loading Ya Costa enele warm up fela🤞🏿🔥I might drop a new song later today…."
  • Jan Van Potgieter 
    Mmeke just be careful and get a legal advice...
    Recording a song in someone's studio gives them a right to own it. That's the law.
    I know all of that I have both beat and recording projects ambitious don’t have